Lauren McColl is a full-time reader, writer and photographer.
She spent 4 years earning her Bachelor of Arts Honours in English at the University of Guelph. At school she honed her creative and critical writing skills.
She gained a better understanding of the writing process, which she believes has helped her to become a stronger writer.

Lauren is currently working on several works, ranging from a historical fiction to poetry. She Co-Owns an online book club and reviewing company.
She shares Inkstone Review with her friend and business partner Katrina Walsh. The pair strive to create an open and inviting space to talk about
literature while promoting authors and helping them find success.

As an avid photo enthusiast Lauren enjoys supplementing all of her endeavours with her photography.
She shoots with a Nikon D700 and a Lumix LX100. Photography was her first passion, which began when she was in Elementary school but developed throughout Highschool.
Her first camera was her mom’s Minolta film camera. She learned early on the patience it takes to set up the perfect shot.

This site brings all of Lauren’s creative endeavours to one space.